Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

session 10

Bruticus and Malachi Defeat escort some farmers that have been having problems with bandits on the road to town they defeated the bandits and spent the night with there new friends.


Return to Basir

Bruticus Magnificus and Malachi the Bright are sitting in the Grey Minstrel deciding what to do next. After the group came back to town to train and get there reward from the Mages that hired them most of the other have been enjoying there new found wealth or in the Lief case tiring to join the Mages Guild. They see Lief on his way out to see the Mages he tells them of the strange things out side the moons are visable in the day time. while they are taking alook they notice something een stanger its snowing in the summer. not kniow what this could mean in a panic Malachi heads to his church to ask the elders what could be casuing al this. The elder tells Malachi he will try and ask the Lantern for guidance but he will need a gem for the ceremony. mean while Bruticus and Lief head to see the mages at the One Eyed Ogre. Rom the green meets them and tells him he has no idea whats going on. Bruticus tells him of a tale he kind of remembers hearing aobut in his youth about odd moons and strange weather
Rom has never heared this but wil the red might know but he is overly tired from cast spells on the artifacts that the group had recovered for them. Bruticus wonders if this might have something to do with the items but Rom say it doesnt and hurries off with Lief in tow. not before Bruticus tells him to keep an eye on the mages. Malachi meets up with him at the bar while they talk of what to do things turn worse outside hail begins to fail when they go to check the 2nd floor. it collapses. after wich a fire ball blast a hole in the cleing aobve and the 4 mages float down. the bar onwer in regaed begins to question Rom as 2 others are collapsed from spell fatigue. Lief tell them that those 2 have been casting spells only to stop and renew there spells. not want to anser any question rom toss the onwer a bag of gold and rents the whole place and tell the gruop he will elt them know what he can find out and rush them off.

Later on back at the Grey Minstrel during there drinks and thinking the mages have something to do with this they hear a scream from the back room and find a severing girl over a dead women. after looking her over they notice she is dressed in high class clothing after turning her over they see her neck and part of her face are ripped out from the inside. the owner of the Inn comes to see what the noise is and see the seen and figuers out who the bodey is and tell them that she had rented one of the private dining rooms for the night. Bruticus walks over and slowly peeks into the room as the door is ajar what he see is 4 more dead body’s with 18" spiders eating the corpses. in a state of shock he is slow to react as the spiders notice the new meal they advance on the warrior. Malachi who is still inspecting the wound on the neck of the dead women is surprised by the spider they comes down from the ceiling above him. but is able to dispatcher it with a swing of his mace. Bruticus realizing he forgot his shield at the table now engaged in battle with the spiders didn’t realize his belt was lose and as the straps get in his way he is finding in self in a bad way. after the 2 are able to defeat the spiders after a long battle full of bad luck. the town guard arrive after some hard convincing the guard allow the 2 to remain as the look over the seen they find a string of large pearls that are broken and thinking it is a clue they pocket them . after coming to a deal with the guards they are offered a reward to help them look into the deaths witch they find out there more cases and all having something to do with minor noble families.

they know that 2 of the other deaths happened at the theater deciing it worth a look and no leads on the other stange happings they head there pay an outargues amout to enter . and talking the doorman into meeting them later for a promise of coins for information they find a way into the private seating area where the deaths happend but so interested in the show that is going on they get distracted from there original goal. They over hear a voice they know and go look to find Trantin in a private room of his own being waited on hand and foot enjoying the show. after the ladies leve they fill him in on the things happing. and the 3 start to look around for clues and find 1 more of the strange pearls. see some guards down at the end of the row blocking a room Bruticus tries to get a listen by acting drunk but only over hears voice talking in a language he doesn’t speak. after making his way back he keep an eye on the room waiting for the people inside to leave. as the show ends he see a well dressed Halfling a Humen in stange fine clothing with outrageous gems and jewelry. with a viled dark skinned women leave. he decied to follow them the other 2 join him and they manage to glimpse them enter a carriage and drive off geussing as to where they are heading the 3 take to the back streets and try to head off the carriage. as they almost get hit by it when exitng the ally in a run they watch it head to the flying ship of the foreigner prince docked at the harbor. seeing the carriage truning to come back after it drops off its passengers they flag it down and talk the drive in to a ride with a few coins once inside they look around and find nothing before they are dropped off to meet the doorman.

They have some drinks while they wait when he arives they get a back room to use and after some coin trade hands they find out what they can and tlak him into letting them into the theater after hours. They head to there rooms and take a closer look at the pearls and after breaking one realize there a type of egg or container. wanting to ask Lief if they could be magic they realize he never returned from the mages . Not trusting the mages and worrying for there friend they head to the bar. only to see its board up. the 2 warriors leave the Cleric out front and head around back to break in. inside they find a bnuch of dead guards the onwer and no sign of the mages. when the cleric enters he finds helps with the screach and finds a magic ring in the back room after guessing its not evil and doesnt seem to be doing anything they enter it and spin around wich activates it and telports them to a far off place. the magic they where not prepared for knocks Malachi and Trantin out. Bruticus finds himself in a room with 4 orc bandits


hadurs hadurs

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