Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

session 7

Once again on the road they head to find the ruins. after a few days travel they are attacked by Grimmlocks . and after defeating them they deiced to find a place to rest before continuing on . during that nights watch Bruticus Magnificus spots a rock troll. Lucky for the group the troll did not spot them. the next morning they find the ruins . and start ti investigate a strange summing circle in the ground and a melted building . they find giant melted foot prints in ground near the melted building not wanting to mess with the circle they decide to head inside a cave like entrance that wasn’t collapsed. Inside the find a magic clock work knowledge repository. which after some talking with it they get a line to follow to the red wizards they are looking for on the way they find a a pit with a giant tentacle coming out of it . and a magic mural on the walls. after realizing the tentacle could not reach them they investigate the mural which told a ancient story. they force open a door and find a room with 3 dead robed figures sitting on thrones.
to be continued


hadurs hadurs

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