Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

Session 6


The company took on a job to escort a cart full of goods for a high end merchant company from Bet Urala to Rotidido.
the first few nights went on uneventful until they passed Gatidu where they where poorly ambushed by thieves. after dispatching the thieves they continued on there way and after a few more days of travel arrived at Rotidido. the next day they set out back to Bedido to find passage up river to Gibidu where they had heard of rumors of old ruins in the Highlands north west of there. after getting some mules and supplies they found a guide and set out to locate the ruins. a days out they ran into a Landshark after a fierce battle they managed to kill the beast and skin it and take its head as a trophy. they deiced to head back to town and recover before continuing on

session 5

The group takes a job from Eberius to retrieve a family crest from a crypt . They decide that it not breaking any laws to go to a crypt that the guy owns. After some scouting and prep then they head to the crypt.
Once inside they find a unbelievably clean halls with reliefs of the family going back 100s of years on the walls. As they get further in they come across a fountain in a room with piles of rat bones in the corners. after some looking around they notice a green slime like substance on one of the bones and with a prob of a dagger they realize its a type of acid. they then experiment with fire and the dagger again after the dagger dissolves the slime get bigger and with the fire even bigger and starts to move. after rethinking messing with it they move on .
In a large room they come across a pit with pillars going down 25 feet with runes carved on top. they test the pillars and find as they touch them the glow different colors on the 3rd touch Bruticus Magnificus falls in the pit as the pillar shoots down to the ground at supper fast speed. lucky not breaking any bones but really hurt the gruop gets him out of the pit. Tazar Yoot does some frist aid and using some suave of healing patch him up some. after figuring out how things work they get across. ocne there they investigate 2 large stone chairs and trigger a guarding spirit. with some luck and well chosen words they mange to convince it they are here on his family matters. they find what they where sent for. only to be ambushed by a group of thugs who trigger the pillars all to fall. with some good shots they knock one out and the other think again of messing with the group and retreat
After the room reset they head out and find there locked in now and deiced to look of a possible back door.
Investigating a new tunnel they find 2 coffins they cleric thinking maybe there is undead use his turn undead which cause 2 unhappy Skeleton guardians to emerge from the coffins after some fear caused by the undead the group manages to defeat them. then decied to just try and break the main door open.
On the way out they encounter a enormous slime they figure its time to high tail it out no matter what as fast as possible. once back out side they head to the inn for the night.
The next morning (2/27) they go meet Eberius. After giving him his goods he gives them a very large chest of coins and they group see its all copper and begins to complain but are told they where offered a hefty reward a set amount wasn’t stated and that the copper is indeed hefty. the group upset but not wanting trouble take there pay and head out with a reminder to get revenge later.

continued next week

Frist few sessions

the group started out near the village of Jondar on the way to village they discovered an abandoned camp after some investigating then found a cave hidden in the hill side the party investigates and find some goblins and some tied up woodsmen. after freeing the woodsmen they keep exploring the cave and they find some strange temple like building built in the cave. on entering the cave they come across some more goblins and a hobgoblin. after some fire spells and massive hits they take down the baddies and find a chest of goodies and some scrolls which turned out to be a slave market book keeping .

on returning to town they and being cheered as hero by the woodsman then spend a few days in town recovering from there battle and learn of more missing people along the forest woodcutter camps and villages.
they find some strange tracks of orc and hobgoblins heading on what looks to be a forced march away from the way the group has come after a few days trailing the tracks they come to a sea side ruins of a very old fort.
after an encounter with a poop fling madman and some searching of the ruins they find a hidden way below the ruins and encounter some kobold and some females who have eggs they decided to leave the females alone and keep checking out this underground they find a secret passage to a cave like section which looks to be a ore mine.
as they delve deeper in the caves they find a encampment of kobolds who seem to have forge set up and are making armor. not feeling up to battle 60 or so armed and armored koblods they decide to go look for help in a local town.

there guide they picked up on the way leads them to a fishing village a few hours south of the ruins where they report to the locals of the massing of koblods not far from there doors
the villages send word to a local lord and the group awaits some men to help with the problem.
the next morning a sgt. and his 4 tropps come to town looking for the ones who reported the koblods and explain his lord will jot send more men without proof of these wild tails.
so the group set off back to the ruins with the men and find that some of the area has been flooded so they explore the other halls they dint last trip and find some koblod zombies. after some lucky turning by the cleric and lots of lamp oil the zombies are defeated but more flooded rooms await one room they find without flood is a large water storage room. on the far side they find a sailed room with marking and they decied to open it after a hr of work they manage to open it and find a crypt door that is trapped. after getting by this they find some golems and thinking better close and sailed the door as they fled . the sgt. happy with some armored corpses they which where floating in a side tunnel. the group decided they had enough of the place for now and head to town. after parting ways with the sgt they get a ship to the capital down the shore and spend a few weeks training and enjoying the festivals.
continued in the next session 2/25/1044yk


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