Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

Frist few sessions

the group started out near the village of Jondar on the way to village they discovered an abandoned camp after some investigating then found a cave hidden in the hill side the party investigates and find some goblins and some tied up woodsmen. after freeing the woodsmen they keep exploring the cave and they find some strange temple like building built in the cave. on entering the cave they come across some more goblins and a hobgoblin. after some fire spells and massive hits they take down the baddies and find a chest of goodies and some scrolls which turned out to be a slave market book keeping .

on returning to town they and being cheered as hero by the woodsman then spend a few days in town recovering from there battle and learn of more missing people along the forest woodcutter camps and villages.
they find some strange tracks of orc and hobgoblins heading on what looks to be a forced march away from the way the group has come after a few days trailing the tracks they come to a sea side ruins of a very old fort.
after an encounter with a poop fling madman and some searching of the ruins they find a hidden way below the ruins and encounter some kobold and some females who have eggs they decided to leave the females alone and keep checking out this underground they find a secret passage to a cave like section which looks to be a ore mine.
as they delve deeper in the caves they find a encampment of kobolds who seem to have forge set up and are making armor. not feeling up to battle 60 or so armed and armored koblods they decide to go look for help in a local town.

there guide they picked up on the way leads them to a fishing village a few hours south of the ruins where they report to the locals of the massing of koblods not far from there doors
the villages send word to a local lord and the group awaits some men to help with the problem.
the next morning a sgt. and his 4 tropps come to town looking for the ones who reported the koblods and explain his lord will jot send more men without proof of these wild tails.
so the group set off back to the ruins with the men and find that some of the area has been flooded so they explore the other halls they dint last trip and find some koblod zombies. after some lucky turning by the cleric and lots of lamp oil the zombies are defeated but more flooded rooms await one room they find without flood is a large water storage room. on the far side they find a sailed room with marking and they decied to open it after a hr of work they manage to open it and find a crypt door that is trapped. after getting by this they find some golems and thinking better close and sailed the door as they fled . the sgt. happy with some armored corpses they which where floating in a side tunnel. the group decided they had enough of the place for now and head to town. after parting ways with the sgt they get a ship to the capital down the shore and spend a few weeks training and enjoying the festivals.
continued in the next session 2/25/1044yk

session 5

The group takes a job from Eberius to retrieve a family crest from a crypt . They decide that it not breaking any laws to go to a crypt that the guy owns. After some scouting and prep then they head to the crypt.
Once inside they find a unbelievably clean halls with reliefs of the family going back 100s of years on the walls. As they get further in they come across a fountain in a room with piles of rat bones in the corners. after some looking around they notice a green slime like substance on one of the bones and with a prob of a dagger they realize its a type of acid. they then experiment with fire and the dagger again after the dagger dissolves the slime get bigger and with the fire even bigger and starts to move. after rethinking messing with it they move on .
In a large room they come across a pit with pillars going down 25 feet with runes carved on top. they test the pillars and find as they touch them the glow different colors on the 3rd touch Bruticus Magnificus falls in the pit as the pillar shoots down to the ground at supper fast speed. lucky not breaking any bones but really hurt the gruop gets him out of the pit. Tazar Yoot does some frist aid and using some suave of healing patch him up some. after figuring out how things work they get across. ocne there they investigate 2 large stone chairs and trigger a guarding spirit. with some luck and well chosen words they mange to convince it they are here on his family matters. they find what they where sent for. only to be ambushed by a group of thugs who trigger the pillars all to fall. with some good shots they knock one out and the other think again of messing with the group and retreat
After the room reset they head out and find there locked in now and deiced to look of a possible back door.
Investigating a new tunnel they find 2 coffins they cleric thinking maybe there is undead use his turn undead which cause 2 unhappy Skeleton guardians to emerge from the coffins after some fear caused by the undead the group manages to defeat them. then decied to just try and break the main door open.
On the way out they encounter a enormous slime they figure its time to high tail it out no matter what as fast as possible. once back out side they head to the inn for the night.
The next morning (2/27) they go meet Eberius. After giving him his goods he gives them a very large chest of coins and they group see its all copper and begins to complain but are told they where offered a hefty reward a set amount wasn’t stated and that the copper is indeed hefty. the group upset but not wanting trouble take there pay and head out with a reminder to get revenge later.

continued next week

Session 6


The company took on a job to escort a cart full of goods for a high end merchant company from Bet Urala to Rotidido.
the first few nights went on uneventful until they passed Gatidu where they where poorly ambushed by thieves. after dispatching the thieves they continued on there way and after a few more days of travel arrived at Rotidido. the next day they set out back to Bedido to find passage up river to Gibidu where they had heard of rumors of old ruins in the Highlands north west of there. after getting some mules and supplies they found a guide and set out to locate the ruins. a days out they ran into a Landshark after a fierce battle they managed to kill the beast and skin it and take its head as a trophy. they deiced to head back to town and recover before continuing on

session 7

Once again on the road they head to find the ruins. after a few days travel they are attacked by Grimmlocks . and after defeating them they deiced to find a place to rest before continuing on . during that nights watch Bruticus Magnificus spots a rock troll. Lucky for the group the troll did not spot them. the next morning they find the ruins . and start ti investigate a strange summing circle in the ground and a melted building . they find giant melted foot prints in ground near the melted building not wanting to mess with the circle they decide to head inside a cave like entrance that wasn’t collapsed. Inside the find a magic clock work knowledge repository. which after some talking with it they get a line to follow to the red wizards they are looking for on the way they find a a pit with a giant tentacle coming out of it . and a magic mural on the walls. after realizing the tentacle could not reach them they investigate the mural which told a ancient story. they force open a door and find a room with 3 dead robed figures sitting on thrones.
to be continued

session 8


3/24 get back to Bet Urala

Session 9

4/17/1044 they finish there training

session 10

Bruticus and Malachi Defeat escort some farmers that have been having problems with bandits on the road to town they defeated the bandits and spent the night with there new friends.


Return to Basir

Bruticus Magnificus and Malachi the Bright are sitting in the Grey Minstrel deciding what to do next. After the group came back to town to train and get there reward from the Mages that hired them most of the other have been enjoying there new found wealth or in the Lief case tiring to join the Mages Guild. They see Lief on his way out to see the Mages he tells them of the strange things out side the moons are visable in the day time. while they are taking alook they notice something een stanger its snowing in the summer. not kniow what this could mean in a panic Malachi heads to his church to ask the elders what could be casuing al this. The elder tells Malachi he will try and ask the Lantern for guidance but he will need a gem for the ceremony. mean while Bruticus and Lief head to see the mages at the One Eyed Ogre. Rom the green meets them and tells him he has no idea whats going on. Bruticus tells him of a tale he kind of remembers hearing aobut in his youth about odd moons and strange weather
Rom has never heared this but wil the red might know but he is overly tired from cast spells on the artifacts that the group had recovered for them. Bruticus wonders if this might have something to do with the items but Rom say it doesnt and hurries off with Lief in tow. not before Bruticus tells him to keep an eye on the mages. Malachi meets up with him at the bar while they talk of what to do things turn worse outside hail begins to fail when they go to check the 2nd floor. it collapses. after wich a fire ball blast a hole in the cleing aobve and the 4 mages float down. the bar onwer in regaed begins to question Rom as 2 others are collapsed from spell fatigue. Lief tell them that those 2 have been casting spells only to stop and renew there spells. not want to anser any question rom toss the onwer a bag of gold and rents the whole place and tell the gruop he will elt them know what he can find out and rush them off.

Later on back at the Grey Minstrel during there drinks and thinking the mages have something to do with this they hear a scream from the back room and find a severing girl over a dead women. after looking her over they notice she is dressed in high class clothing after turning her over they see her neck and part of her face are ripped out from the inside. the owner of the Inn comes to see what the noise is and see the seen and figuers out who the bodey is and tell them that she had rented one of the private dining rooms for the night. Bruticus walks over and slowly peeks into the room as the door is ajar what he see is 4 more dead body’s with 18" spiders eating the corpses. in a state of shock he is slow to react as the spiders notice the new meal they advance on the warrior. Malachi who is still inspecting the wound on the neck of the dead women is surprised by the spider they comes down from the ceiling above him. but is able to dispatcher it with a swing of his mace. Bruticus realizing he forgot his shield at the table now engaged in battle with the spiders didn’t realize his belt was lose and as the straps get in his way he is finding in self in a bad way. after the 2 are able to defeat the spiders after a long battle full of bad luck. the town guard arrive after some hard convincing the guard allow the 2 to remain as the look over the seen they find a string of large pearls that are broken and thinking it is a clue they pocket them . after coming to a deal with the guards they are offered a reward to help them look into the deaths witch they find out there more cases and all having something to do with minor noble families.

they know that 2 of the other deaths happened at the theater deciing it worth a look and no leads on the other stange happings they head there pay an outargues amout to enter . and talking the doorman into meeting them later for a promise of coins for information they find a way into the private seating area where the deaths happend but so interested in the show that is going on they get distracted from there original goal. They over hear a voice they know and go look to find Trantin in a private room of his own being waited on hand and foot enjoying the show. after the ladies leve they fill him in on the things happing. and the 3 start to look around for clues and find 1 more of the strange pearls. see some guards down at the end of the row blocking a room Bruticus tries to get a listen by acting drunk but only over hears voice talking in a language he doesn’t speak. after making his way back he keep an eye on the room waiting for the people inside to leave. as the show ends he see a well dressed Halfling a Humen in stange fine clothing with outrageous gems and jewelry. with a viled dark skinned women leave. he decied to follow them the other 2 join him and they manage to glimpse them enter a carriage and drive off geussing as to where they are heading the 3 take to the back streets and try to head off the carriage. as they almost get hit by it when exitng the ally in a run they watch it head to the flying ship of the foreigner prince docked at the harbor. seeing the carriage truning to come back after it drops off its passengers they flag it down and talk the drive in to a ride with a few coins once inside they look around and find nothing before they are dropped off to meet the doorman.

They have some drinks while they wait when he arives they get a back room to use and after some coin trade hands they find out what they can and tlak him into letting them into the theater after hours. They head to there rooms and take a closer look at the pearls and after breaking one realize there a type of egg or container. wanting to ask Lief if they could be magic they realize he never returned from the mages . Not trusting the mages and worrying for there friend they head to the bar. only to see its board up. the 2 warriors leave the Cleric out front and head around back to break in. inside they find a bnuch of dead guards the onwer and no sign of the mages. when the cleric enters he finds helps with the screach and finds a magic ring in the back room after guessing its not evil and doesnt seem to be doing anything they enter it and spin around wich activates it and telports them to a far off place. the magic they where not prepared for knocks Malachi and Trantin out. Bruticus finds himself in a room with 4 orc bandits

holiday adventure

The Group was pulled to a strange dimension along with a few new friends and saved the north pole from the Evil TSR drow assassin and there evil god Rudolph the Destroyer hired by the big chain stores

Session 12

The trio get up from there rest after the strange events from the. Malachi does some first aid and Bruticus offers Trantin his only potion to help with his grave wound. They take a better look around the cliff and find a area they can jump across a ways down the edge. After looking around a bit they remember this to be the cave they came across months ago where the salves where being keep near Jordan. They find some track of the orcs that ran off 2 days ago and some drag marks heading deeper in.

After deciding to look around they come to the 5 hooded and bond figures at the foot of the Amethyst throne. They recognize the 4 of the people 3 are the mages from town and Leif there comrade and one other they don’t recognize. they work to release Lief and ask him about what happened they remove the hoods form the other 4 and decide to leave them tied till they know what is going on
The ELf Celedore work at free himself while the others are study the throne and talking to Lief. they notice the elf didn’t seem dangerous and after a short chat they Learn he was captured and left here . On the throne they see the word Quesqueton which was not there last time they saw it. Lief hearing the name shouts that must be where it is. Bruticus ask the 4th wand they where looking for. the Lief says it makes scense as it is said to be connected to a great mage and warrior from the time of Sekhancha.

Bruticus ask so that is where the spell they cast led to ? Lief says no they only had an idea of the location It was where the rivers feed from the Highlands in the Elven forest to the north . But it would make sense it would be there doesn’t this throne look like the ones we found in the outpost with the other 3 wands. as they are talking Trantin is tiring to pry the throne from the ground and it shatters. the whole place begins to shake and crumble.
They grab the 3 mages that cant walk and run for the entrance and manage to escape before the collapse. They head back to town to figure there next step and resupply .

They get back to town Celedore says he will wait for them upriver at a near by fishing village as he doesn’t like to be near cities . They bind him farewell and agree to meet up in a weeks time. They get about to training and resupply. Malachi returns to his church and finds out the answer to his question about the strange weather and moons to his shock a powerful Undead a Vampire with the use of magics is what was reviled to them. and they are now have cleric of the faith looking for news of this great evil as they only know it is in the kingdom.
Celedore kept her self busy with miner harassing of the local woodsmen and defacing the great sawmill.
The group met up at the fishing village and head to the woods along the coast roads .
at the fortified village of Redidu they meet up with an old friend Mr Smith the caravan boos for the Jade lion. offing there service for a few silver they agree to accompany them to there destination of Rapido as they where heading to the same place.

Malachi talking to Smith realize the cargo is pearls and warns him they might be spider eggs but Smith asuers his friend these are local and there is no need to worry. Malachi seeign as there is no convincing the man gives up with a don’t say i didn’t warn you.
they arrive at Rapido at night and help unload the cargo . warning the clerk of this Jade Lion shop the same about the Pearls but the clerk gives him the company line about how those are just rumors. They look for a guide upriver to the highlands into elven territory. The meet Werlen the half elf who they where told by the locals is the only one that heads into the woods that deep. after they arrange passage with him they head to bed and start out the next morning .
They come to some rapids and have to carry the boat past them on the shore where they are ambushed by some grell.
The battle left Werlen dead and Celedore wounded and 2 of her woodland friends dead.
continued next week

Session 13 -15 recap notes
6/13 – 6/22/1044 they find a set of steps leading up to the hilltop after looking around for a while the find a strange door hidden in a cave behind some boulders with runes that spell out Welcome to Quesqueton in any language that the person reading and can understand. on entering the the ancient ruins . they see a Giant Roach eating something and engage it in combat after defeating the Bug they continue on and as they talk magic mounts appear and start harassing them and just be annoying they realize when ever they say Quesqueton is what tigers this. they realize they are locked in and the door does not open from this side. they continue to explore and look for a way out. They com across rooms with looks to be trophies from long ago and they get to looting all the goodies. including the door which is made of a strange cursed wood . Exploring more they find a throne room with crystal chairs and marble pillars as they approach the chairs they are attacked by giant snakes that seem to be able camouflage them selves. after the fierce battle there druid friend is now dead and they decide to hold up and barricade the doors so they can rest and heal. the next morning they look around the room and they meet a new person who also got locked in the ruins. they see a Cube and bar the doors. they find hidden passages leading out of the room and they keep exploring . they find bedrooms with old art work and a strange washbasin in the wall when they play with the plug in the basin it releases a giant slime monster that begins to flood the room. the make a run for it and find a room with large wells with pools with different liquids and they begin to play with them. finding a key in one of them they take it with them. exploring more they find a grand bedroom with a wall craving covering the whole room and a few doors leading to other room. one room houses Mr Pedington a familiar to the ancient wizard and they realize he must still be alive in some from if his familiar is still alive. they end up getting locked in the room and find out the door is alive and a real jerk and wont let them out . the key they found before makes the door open and they rush out and look around more and find a lab with what seems some undead helping hands. they kill the hand and loot the room and look in the next room where they find a type of cat made of what seems to be lots of different types of wild cats and reanimated as it attacks the battle is brutal but with a great hit the beast is blasted into the room but it destroy a large table full of potions. looting all they can find once again they. find more rooms one is a old workout room one is a library they deiced to loot the books and get attacked by strange lights living in the books witch begins to shock them. after defeating the lights they loot and move on. they run into a strange room with a large crystal and approach this makes a flash and they find them selves in the same type of room in a different place . finding a old smith shop they find a shoot in the fire pit they are able to climb out to reach the surface. they decide to head back home and sell there loot and get more supplies and help fro there next try at the ruins. they arive at Rapido on the 6/22

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