“Basir is well known for being affluent and peaceable. The rich mines of the Ubikokeli Highlands, the wonderfully warm climate and the beautiful rivers combine to make a wonderful place. Why, even the swamps are known for their fruitfulness. The people live quietly under the rule of Emperor Kabori, paying tithes to keep the peace and remain under his watchful eye. Overall, this is a peaceful, quiet, beautiful, rich area of the world.

Still, Basir is a rather small, coastal area. Most of the population lives in minor villages that farm, fish or mine. These small towns tend to be open to visitors, so anyone traveling through this area finds them warm and welcoming. The population is a mixture of races, religions and classes, and although the classes do not mingle much, visitors easily blend right in.”

“Our people are peace loving and gentle. Because our trade is honest, and thieves are rare, our kingdom benefits from great prosperity and a wide range of products leaving the kingdom for foreign shores. The coastal life separates Basir from other places in Kalamar, making it quieter and more controlled than lands like Dodera or O’Par.

Emperor Kabori helps to maintain the peace through protective armies and an advanced naval fleet, but his touch is lightly felt – after taxation, at least…”


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