Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

Session 12

The trio get up from there rest after the strange events from the. Malachi does some first aid and Bruticus offers Trantin his only potion to help with his grave wound. They take a better look around the cliff and find a area they can jump across a ways down the edge. After looking around a bit they remember this to be the cave they came across months ago where the salves where being keep near Jordan. They find some track of the orcs that ran off 2 days ago and some drag marks heading deeper in.

After deciding to look around they come to the 5 hooded and bond figures at the foot of the Amethyst throne. They recognize the 4 of the people 3 are the mages from town and Leif there comrade and one other they don’t recognize. they work to release Lief and ask him about what happened they remove the hoods form the other 4 and decide to leave them tied till they know what is going on
The ELf Celedore work at free himself while the others are study the throne and talking to Lief. they notice the elf didn’t seem dangerous and after a short chat they Learn he was captured and left here . On the throne they see the word Quesqueton which was not there last time they saw it. Lief hearing the name shouts that must be where it is. Bruticus ask the 4th wand they where looking for. the Lief says it makes scense as it is said to be connected to a great mage and warrior from the time of Sekhancha.

Bruticus ask so that is where the spell they cast led to ? Lief says no they only had an idea of the location It was where the rivers feed from the Highlands in the Elven forest to the north . But it would make sense it would be there doesn’t this throne look like the ones we found in the outpost with the other 3 wands. as they are talking Trantin is tiring to pry the throne from the ground and it shatters. the whole place begins to shake and crumble.
They grab the 3 mages that cant walk and run for the entrance and manage to escape before the collapse. They head back to town to figure there next step and resupply .

They get back to town Celedore says he will wait for them upriver at a near by fishing village as he doesn’t like to be near cities . They bind him farewell and agree to meet up in a weeks time. They get about to training and resupply. Malachi returns to his church and finds out the answer to his question about the strange weather and moons to his shock a powerful Undead a Vampire with the use of magics is what was reviled to them. and they are now have cleric of the faith looking for news of this great evil as they only know it is in the kingdom.
Celedore kept her self busy with miner harassing of the local woodsmen and defacing the great sawmill.
The group met up at the fishing village and head to the woods along the coast roads .
at the fortified village of Redidu they meet up with an old friend Mr Smith the caravan boos for the Jade lion. offing there service for a few silver they agree to accompany them to there destination of Rapido as they where heading to the same place.

Malachi talking to Smith realize the cargo is pearls and warns him they might be spider eggs but Smith asuers his friend these are local and there is no need to worry. Malachi seeign as there is no convincing the man gives up with a don’t say i didn’t warn you.
they arrive at Rapido at night and help unload the cargo . warning the clerk of this Jade Lion shop the same about the Pearls but the clerk gives him the company line about how those are just rumors. They look for a guide upriver to the highlands into elven territory. The meet Werlen the half elf who they where told by the locals is the only one that heads into the woods that deep. after they arrange passage with him they head to bed and start out the next morning .
They come to some rapids and have to carry the boat past them on the shore where they are ambushed by some grell.
The battle left Werlen dead and Celedore wounded and 2 of her woodland friends dead.
continued next week


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