Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

Session 13 -15 recap notes


6/13 – 6/22/1044 they find a set of steps leading up to the hilltop after looking around for a while the find a strange door hidden in a cave behind some boulders with runes that spell out Welcome to Quesqueton in any language that the person reading and can understand. on entering the the ancient ruins . they see a Giant Roach eating something and engage it in combat after defeating the Bug they continue on and as they talk magic mounts appear and start harassing them and just be annoying they realize when ever they say Quesqueton is what tigers this. they realize they are locked in and the door does not open from this side. they continue to explore and look for a way out. They com across rooms with looks to be trophies from long ago and they get to looting all the goodies. including the door which is made of a strange cursed wood . Exploring more they find a throne room with crystal chairs and marble pillars as they approach the chairs they are attacked by giant snakes that seem to be able camouflage them selves. after the fierce battle there druid friend is now dead and they decide to hold up and barricade the doors so they can rest and heal. the next morning they look around the room and they meet a new person who also got locked in the ruins. they see a Cube and bar the doors. they find hidden passages leading out of the room and they keep exploring . they find bedrooms with old art work and a strange washbasin in the wall when they play with the plug in the basin it releases a giant slime monster that begins to flood the room. the make a run for it and find a room with large wells with pools with different liquids and they begin to play with them. finding a key in one of them they take it with them. exploring more they find a grand bedroom with a wall craving covering the whole room and a few doors leading to other room. one room houses Mr Pedington a familiar to the ancient wizard and they realize he must still be alive in some from if his familiar is still alive. they end up getting locked in the room and find out the door is alive and a real jerk and wont let them out . the key they found before makes the door open and they rush out and look around more and find a lab with what seems some undead helping hands. they kill the hand and loot the room and look in the next room where they find a type of cat made of what seems to be lots of different types of wild cats and reanimated as it attacks the battle is brutal but with a great hit the beast is blasted into the room but it destroy a large table full of potions. looting all they can find once again they. find more rooms one is a old workout room one is a library they deiced to loot the books and get attacked by strange lights living in the books witch begins to shock them. after defeating the lights they loot and move on. they run into a strange room with a large crystal and approach this makes a flash and they find them selves in the same type of room in a different place . finding a old smith shop they find a shoot in the fire pit they are able to climb out to reach the surface. they decide to head back home and sell there loot and get more supplies and help fro there next try at the ruins. they arive at Rapido on the 6/22


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