Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

Session 16-21 recap notes

6/23 They spend the next few weeks they head back to the capital and train up and buy supplies after selling there loot. on 7/17 that morning they are informed of some missing cleric of the lantern and asked to go check the grave yard to see why they haven’t returned . the care taker points them the Lamar crypt. they run into some ghouls and some brain eating zombies and find a magically sealed tomb .
Doc Hermany Kalamran
Dirk The Dark Halfing dugeon exploer
Rummalrad The artiest
Old Hawk the sailor
they buy and armor some war dogs
got glass items made
7/20 made it to redidu
7/21 made it to suka’du
7/22 made rapido
7/25 made it to quasqueton
7/26they enter the ruins but leave some people outside to watch the camp and open the door so they don’t get locked in again next morning after camping at night they reenter quasqueton exploring more they find a taped hall where dirk died and they explore more and find some living armor that began to attack after being poked with a sword they make it out side to aviod the armored guards.
They find some steps leading down to the lower lvs and they explore the area it seems to be half completed and some of the floor is just rough rock the father they get in . deeper in the are attacked by some implaiers. escaping just barely they move up top and are chased by 2 cubes . they find one fo the crystal teleport rooms but the dog and servant where out side and the dog died to the cubes. they trap the cubes in some difrent areas and then explore more the next few days taking short trips and going back out at night to refresh and trade off members . one night a new person(Hue) arrives at camp he got lost in the hills and is cold and hungry. after a good meal they agree to let him join as they lost a member and 1 more helping hand doesn’t hurt. more exploring they find rust moster and giant worms metal scorpions and a mushroom king. feeling that this place is dangerous they decide to mess with the living armor again after doing some chores for the mushroom king they get some hints on how to deal with the armor. with there new guards they head back down but find the armor cant pass the unfinished areas of the lv. they decide to bait the implairs to where the armor can do the dirty work. with them out of the way and more chores for the mushroom king they find out where they need to head and a safer way to get there . but thing don’t tun out great as the rust monster ruins some gear a pissed off worm release the giant slim they make a run for the ungrounded river and almost going over the falls they find a passage leading they hope to the right place . they find some burnt and dead spiders of the giant type and a door witch looks like the place they have been searching for . getting near the door triggers a magic circle witch teleports them far off into a swamp. not know where they are or where to go they make a camp and decide to look around in the morning 8/2


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