Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

Session 22-25 recap notes

Marsh lands

8/2/1004 they look around and find a dirt path leading around on safe places to walk in the marsh . they decide to follow the trail in hopes it will lead them to some place they can find out whats going on. but it leads them to a large pond with a rocky outcropping in the center they see smoke coming from the other side . they are attacked by bullywuges after defeating them they move to the other side to check out the smoke. they see a small village of bullywuges but notice a cave that leads into the outcropping. feeling its better to check the cave first they enter and will deal with the bullywuges later. they see a sleeping bullywug on a rock between a small pool of water with boards going across . they sneak up and dispatch the bullywug . they find a ledge they explore and it has bones of driftnet types they loot in the bones and find some poison snakes . after the snake fight they move across and kick the dead bullywug in the water they make it up the ledge on the other side and find a giant basin and glyphs in the ground. They find some rough steps going down the other side and find a cage full of tied up beaten people thinking that the people where on the verge of death they decide to make sure it was safe before trying to help them and end up finding a Blue Slaad who is not happy to have anyone in his home. after a crazy battle with the Slaad some giant toads and a lesser croc they get the victims and tend to all the wounded . after that night the group moves the victims to higher ground and set to taking caring of them . a group of bullywuges shows up and ties are dragging the others and biff in the cave tied up a fight takes places and more reinforcements show up . the group now reunited take watch and wait the night out. the next morning camped int he cave on the ledge. the next day they explore the camp and find it empty. feeling none are in any shape to travel they take over the camp and hunt some food so they can rest for a week and heal up the wounded. they are attacked by a gruop of bullywugs later in the week and that the last fight on the outcropping. they head into the marsh with the hurt peopel in toe and are able to make it to town with the help of some divine spells and after there ranger is unable to find his way out of the marsh. the victims leave the gruop and head to there homes one says she will meet with them in the morning at the bar to go meet the vliage head afternoon of 8/9/1044yk waiting at the bar for the women to arrive


hadurs hadurs

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