Adventures in the Kingdom of Basir

session 25 (contiued) -26

after some shopping around town and a getting some good form the vigake in thnaks for saving the captivates they hang around town tiring to figure out what to do enxt. they find clues that the vampire they are looking for has been hear and decide to try and track him down. the cleric decide to do some work on the bodies of the monster they have in the bag and sense they have begun to rot he deices to do it in the woods at night . on his way to wash up at the stream out side of town he is attacked by some Worgs and lucky saved by the town guards they next morning they gruop is back together and hearing the news of there bag being gone they head out in screach of it
group heads out to the marshes after the Wrogs that ran off with there magic sack after a few days in the marsh they get to the swamp proper and they encounter some Giant Crocs after a deadly battle they make the biggest one in to a cannon and continue on and find a place to camp near a very large hill on the river side they next morning the are attack by a group of heavily armed and armored orcs . looking over the hill side whre the orcs came from the find a docks ship and it seems to be a slave ship with marking that remind them of the group that was held up in the coast near the capital months ago the orcs they captured decide they would rather die then be captive and dive off the cliff to the fort below they see some armored Ogres and siege weapons , fairing this might be to much to deal with alone they decide to get to the nearest town and look for help .
They arrive at Munelido on around 8/15 they meet up with there buddy Lief who informs them he is hear to find out about more ruins that might be the same ancient cites that held the last rod they are lookong for but its deep in the swamp and he cant find anyone to go in there the group explains about the bag and he agrees to help them if they help him. they decide not to tell the navy of the slaver base as they might lose there bag they head to Sobeteta in screech of people that know the swamp and hope of finding Mercuries to help with the slavers . they take time to train and look for help next game picks up on 9/26/1044


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